Terms and Conditions

Please review the information below, these are the policies by which we operate, and you are agreeing to as a customer of Sturdy Doors. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding your appointment and our services. 


Arrival Times

Although we are making all efforts to be on time, please note that we DO NOT give EXACT TIMES.  The technician will arrive within a 2-hour window block arrival. We are either fighting traffic or making another client as happy as you will be. Our technicians might contact you directly to notify about delays or ETA.



The refinishing process is dependent on the weather, mainly heavy rain, high humidity levels, and extreme cold. If garage space is available, we utilize industrial space heaters that allow us to do the work indoors and in any weather. If the work cannot be done in a garage, if we feel that the weather conditions might impact the process, we will call and ask to reschedule. As weather changes frequently, we will advise on rescheduling the day of the appointment itself. 


Pricing and Payment policy

Quotes are based on the information given over the phone, email or based on the picture sent, if the door is in a different condition than described we will ask to adjust the price accordingly, for example, if the door is taller or wider, if the door is painted, and if there are other elements that need to be refinished. We always give a price for refinishing the exterior side of the door, not both sides, unless specifically requested.

We accept cash, check, and credit/debit card with a 3% convenience fee.

All appointments include a $75 visit fee in the quoted price. Upon arrival at the appointment, if we are unable to refinish your door due to its condition (example: rotten wood, structural damage, broken glass) OR if the clients decided to cancel the appointment on-site a $75 visit fee will be due.

Payment is due upon completion of service. 



We are Insured and do take responsibility for any breakage or damages that are caused by our technician on the property. Accidents can happen, and the technician will notify you and our office immediately in case of damages. Please note that normal wear and tear on your home is not considered breakage nor our responsibility (example: loose/damaged door knobs, gauges to the wood and loose trims, etc).


Communications with the Office

Please make sure to communicate directly with the office regarding any issue about your door or schedule.  


Materials and additional services

We provide all the materials needed for refinishing the door and these are included in the price.

We may offer additional services such as weather-stripping, repairs, and extended warranties, these services incur additional costs, however, such services are completely OPTIONAL and offered based on need or customer request.

Unfortunately, we cannot install pre-purchased weather-stripping.



For the safety of your pet and our employees, we ask that you contain your animals in a restricted area while we are on your property. Although we are VERY careful, this will help us prevent any disappearance of your pet and any liability of the employee's safety. The door will be removed from the opening and will be sealed with a plastic sheet that cannot contain a pet trying to escape.


Sturdy Doors warrant the workmanship for a period of one (1) year from date of the job. Unless you have purchased the extended warranty of (2) years with extra armor coat. If within the term of this warranty, the finish is found to be bubbling, peeling or cracking upon inspection by an authorized Sturdy Doors technician, we will repair the damage. Once the door is refinished and installed again, the technician will inspect the door with the customer to ensure proper functioning of the door. We warranty the reinstallation of the door and hardware for the first 30 days after installation.

If there are problems with the finish, operation of the door or damages, we will send a technician at the earliest. Please notify us within the first 24-48 hours of any issues with the door


Stain colors
The technician is carrying with him 10 stain colors that match the most popular colors. Our colors are available on wooden samples, however, once applied to your door there might be variations due to the nature of the wood grain, species, and quality. You may ask to see a sample of the stain applied on the wood itself if you are unsure about your selection. Once a final decision has been made by the client about stain color, we can NOT change the color after it is applied to the entire door. If we instructed to match the color on the interior, we will do so to the best of our abilities.

We will confirm color selection with the client or its representative on site. All color decisions are final after confirmation from the client.  Please keep in mind, no one can see both of sides of the door at the same time, so a color variation will be unnoticeable.


Cancellation Policy

Although a 3-day notice is appreciated, we must at least have a 23-hour notice prior to canceling or re-scheduling service.

If Sturdy Doors does not receive a notice 23 hours prior to your appointment it will result in a $75.00 cancellation fee, which will be e/mailed to the service address.

Being booked on the schedule means that we are reserving a time slot for you and if canceled last minute we have no way of filling that spot.


Privacy Policy

We do not share any client information with 3rd parties. We do not send marketing material to your email or phone. We do not store credit card information.