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Painting the Wall

Interior Painting

Painting a single room or painting the entire house, we got you covered. Your project made easy and simple, start to finish.

We offer on-site consultation and quote with different pricing and payment plans.

In addition to standard wall painting, we can also paint: 

  • Multi-Color

  • Trim and Baseboard

  • Doors and Cabinets

Surface preparation will include drywall repairs, sanding, de-glossing, and priming. 


Exterior Paint

Painting the exterior of the house will increase your house value, boost up curb appeal, and protect your house from water damages.

Did you know that caulking and painting act as sealants and extend the life of your house? Facia, Trims, Window sills, sidings, and other wooden structures will last longer when treated right. 

The exterior painting process will usually include: 

  • Power washing OR Soft washing 

  • Caulking 

  • Sanding

  • Repairs and fastening of loose trims



White Grey Kitchen

Custom Painting

If paint will stick to it, we will paint it. 

  • Kitchen Cabinets

  • Banisters and railings

  • Wrought Iron and Metal ornaments 

  • Decks and Pergolas. 

There is no limit to what can be painted, we have the tools and know how to help you transform the old and faded to the new and pretty. 


We can also Refinish and Re-Stain instead of painting. 



Backyard Washing

Staining Fence and Decks

Do you have a grey looking deck? a greenish fence? a fading pergola? Wood restoration is our business. 

A good power wash, sanding, and high-quality stain will ensure your wooden fence or deck will last many years to come.