Door Refinishing Houston, wooden door and front door restoration
Weatherstripping, draft doors, door sweep, door seal
Door Refinishing 
Fences, Decks and Shutters
  • Front Door Refinishing 

  • Garage Door Refinishing 

  • Maintenance 

We refinish all wooden doors and restore the original shine.

  • Weatherstripping (brass and compression)

  • Door sweeps  

  • Threshold Replacement

  • Caulking and Foam insulation 

Save on your energy bills by making sure your doors and windows are properly sealed. 

  • Fences, Decks, and Shutters Staining and sealing.

  • Wooden Pergolas and pillars

  • Stairs and railings

We can recondition all exterior wood surfaces.


door installation, door refitting, front back door
Door Repairs
  • Exterior / Interior Door installation

  • Door ReFitting (sag adjustments)

  • Kicked in Door Repairs

door hardware installation and replacement, handleset, deadbolt, peephole, kickplate
Hardware Installation
  • Handleset and deadbolts installation

  • Kickplate installation

  • Hinge replacement 

  • Peephole

We replace hardware free of charge when refinishing a door!

rot repair, gauged wood repair, door frame repair, wood filler, bondo

Additional Services:

  • Rot and Gauged wood repairs

  • Door / Frame Reinforcement 

  • Door and Frame Painting