Standard Size Door (6'8") 

$349 (per side) 

Double Doors / French Doors (6'8") 

$649 (per side) 

8' Door

$399 (per side) 

Double 8' Doors / French Doors 

$749 (per side) 

$49 (per side) 

Armor Coat - Additional layers of urethane + 1-year warranty  

Maintenance* - Light sand, stain and application of urethane. 

$199 (per side) 

Sidelights, Transoms, and Frames are priced differently. Please call for details.
* Maintenance is for prior clients that had their door refinished with Sturdy Doors only. 


Step 1

Our team will arrive to the address on time and set up their work station under a canopy.

The door is carefully removed and your entryway is sealed to prevent loss of AC and dust getting inside the house.

Removal of hardware from the door

Step 2

Sanding, sanding and more sanding.

We sand the door down to bare wood.


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Step 3

Staining the door.

We come prepared with 10 different stain colors.

We can match the color of the interior or go with a brand new look. 

Step 4

Application of clear coat.

We spray 4 coats of a marine grade (SPAR) varnish that gives excellent UV protection.

The coat dries within 20 minutes and allows us to reinstall the hardware and hang the door dry.

Step 5

Installation of hardware - if you purchased new hardware for your door, we can install it free of charge.

Hanging the door and inspecting proper fit and hardware operation.


What is the fastest way to get a quote?

Take a clear picture showing your entire door, and a few more showing any issues, and text it to any of the numbers above along with your name and zip code. You can also email us at, or fill out our contact form here.  


Do you refinish any type of door?

We refinish solid wood doors. We offer a resurfacing process for Fiberglass and composite doors, call us to ask how it's done. Metal and steel doors can be painted, we use a spray gun for a smooth finish.  


How long does the process last?

A standard size door refinishing process can last about 2 hours. Double doors last 3-5 hours. 


How long does the new finish last?

Depending on sun exposure and door maintenance, anywhere from 2 years to 6 years. The interior of the door will rarely need refinishing because it is never exposed to the elements. 

Is there a warranty?

We offer a 12-month warranty and a 2-year warranty with the purchase of an Armor Coat. Limitations apply.


Do you cover the doorway opening while the door is off the hinges?

Yes, the moment the door is removed, we will place a tarp on the door, this will prevent the bugs and dust to come inside and prevent hot/cold air coming  


My door has water damage, can you repair it?

Water damage is tricky, it can be a small hole that can be patched, or it can be a rotted wood that causes structural damages. We can repair holes but the repair will be visible when staining. 

My door is painted, can we refinish it?

Depending on how many times it was painted, how old the paint the is, and the thickness, we can evaluate if it is posisble. Removing paint from wood and prepping for stain and varnish is extremely time-consuming, and the results are not always guaranteed since we can discover defects below the painted surface. We charge a minimum of $100 per side to remove paint from the door. 


Do you paint doors?

Yes we do! we actually specialize in small paint jobs like doors, metal hardware and decorative pieces, frames, and garage doors. We typically spray the paint using our spray rigs and get a smooth factory finish.